Monthly Custom Macro Plan

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Monthly Custom Macro Plan


This is a custom macronutrient plan based off individualized information you give me. I will send you a questionnaire about your past and present dieting and health history, then I will put together a macro plan for you based on that information and your current goals. I will measure your progress at each weekly check-in and adjust your plan based on your progress. I will be available for unlimited e-mail support through the entirety of working together!

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This plan includes:

  •  Grocery List
  •  Customized Macros
  •  Sample Day & Meal Substitution Ideas
  •  Supplementation Suggestions
  •  Unlimited E-mail Support
  •  Weekly Check-ins & Plan Adjustments Based on Your Progress

Please Note:

- This is a flexible dieting plan (IIFYM), not a structured meal plan. I feel that in order for you to truly learn the macronutrient content of foods and be able to swap them out according to your macro goals and preferences, flexible dieting will teach you how to do so, and it is more maintainable and realistic to follow than a structured meal plan. I still provide a sample meal day so you can get an idea of what an average day should look like, but please do not expect to receive a structured meal plan.

- I will ask you to track your food intake in myfitnesspal for at least 3-7 days to get a more accurate idea of your current eating habits before providing your custom macro plan, so feel free to do so before purchasing this package to speed up the process.

- Weekly Check-ins require progress photos (front/back/side poses), weight, and circumference measurements unless your only goal is strength gain.