Welcome to my site!

   My name is Shannon Henry and I am a 26 year old girl with a passion for fitness, fashion, and living life to the fullest! I am currently a NASM Certified Personal Trainer living in the beautiful state of Colorado. When I am not creating content for Instagram and YouTube you can catch me in the gym lifting weights, going on coffee dates with friends, scoping out the best Mexican restaurants, exploring the great outdoors, or shopping! I like to spread positivity and to not take life too seriously. I think a person's smile is their best accessory so I love making people laugh and feel good about themselves.

    Fitness has enhanced my life more than I ever could have imagined. It has given me a sense of determination, drive, mindfulness, self-love, and pride. I truly feel it has helped me become the best version of myself, while also teaching me that there is always room to learn and improve. I think that fashion is a great form of expression that goes hand in hand with fitness. I wholeheartedly believe in the "look good, feel good" mindset because I think when you are self confident in your outward appearance, you are 10X more likely to have the self confidence to go out and achieve your goals, whatever they may be. I know that if I have a great outfit on that makes me feel like a million bucks I will be way more confident anywhere I go, whether that be the gym, work, social outings, a photoshoot, or a job interview.

    My goal is to share my passion and knowledge with others to inspire and help them gain the self confidence to live their best lives and to achieve their goals, fitness or non-fitness related!

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